Welcome to the Starter Membership

The Pip Hunter Trading Tool has been coded to follow our risk management strategy so once you apply you risk parameters to the automation it will run on autopilot so you get back to your day to day business

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With the Starter Membership you will be able to access following:

  • Forex Pip Hunter Trading Tool
  • Private Telegram Trade Ideas
  • Live Forex Pip Hunter Trading Show – Free Subscription to TraderNetworkClub Channel
  • Trading Show Trade Updates via Telegram
  • Email Support
  • Optional Paid Online Support (Connect with a Support Specialist)

How to Setup the System

  • Please review the videos to understand how the trade replicator works and how to setup the system with the right risk management settings.

    Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Forex Pip Hunter Trading Tool
    Lesson 2 – How to use the Pip Hunter Tool with our Trade Ideas
    Lesson 3 – Forex Pip Hunter Trading Tool settings
    Lesson 4 – Applying the Pip Hunter Trading Tool to a Currency Chart
    Lesson 5 – How to upgrade to the VIP Trading Room for LIVE sessions