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Forex Pip Hunter Trading Tool

Traders that like to be in control of what they trade and when they trade, then the Pip Hunter Tool is perfect. Join our Forex Pip Hunter Trading shows 3 times a week as we find trades using this awesome tool


Forex Pip Hunter Trade Ideas

Get access to our featured Trade Replicator with Telegram and Email Trade Alerts. Plus as a Bonus we are including the Forex Pip Hunter Trading Tool


Trade Replicator Program

Get access to our featured Trade Replicator with Telegram Trade Alerts, plus the Forex Pip Hunter Trading Tool. Added Bonus you get access to all our best performing automated strategies though our Trade Replicators service.


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To find success in your trading, you need a proven trading strategy, but you also need time and patience as you learn how to use the tools correctly or it does matter how success the strategy is if you can't apply it correctly. With our Trade Signal Program and Trading Tools, you can get started on the right track to becoming a successful traders.

  • Trading Tool for short-term Scalping
  • Top performing Trade Ideas
  • Telegram Trade Alerts
  • Email and Online Support by Professional Traders

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It is important that you understand how to use the trading tools and know how to properly set up the trade signals so it performs the best for you. We charge a $49 connection fee for each 30 minute slot.

Trading Tool Support

Schedule a 30 minute session with our support team so we can help you understand the functions of the trading tool for the best performance

Trade Ideas Support

We have lessons in the membership section to help you get start, but if you feel you need an expert to assistant, reach out to our support team.

Professional Member Support

Using a few of our trade ideas is a great way to diversify your risk, but it is equally important to know how to use each strategy within your portfolio

Support Coach

If you getting started for the first time and new to Trade Ideas and Trading, then having a quick chat with an expert could save you time and money.










Membership and Pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

Can I use the Forex Pip Hunter Trading Tool for other types of trading styles?

The Forex Pip Hunter Trading Tool was designed for two types of trading styles or approaches. The first purpose is to use for profiting 20 net pips on each trade, and the other is to use at support or resistance level where both strategies use a dollar cost average approach. This gives the trader the best opportunity for success.

What is the Strater Pro Bundle about?

Although we trade a very simple strategy, we know that traders still need the personal attention. Therefore the Starter Pro Membership offers all of the tools that you need to be successful in trading. You can join our live trading sessions 4 times a week,use our Pip Hunter Trading Tool to follow along the way, and learn move about our simple Support and Resistance approach to finding a trade.

How can I get the Trade Services for free?

Our services are designed to offer traders the ability to grow their portfolio, so therefore the more cost effective our program is, the more it benefits each member. Through our affiliate broker, you earn a discount or even pay nothing on you second subscription when you open an account with our affiliate broker. If you going to refer people to our company, there is a discount that can be offered as a once off deal. Please ask our staff for the link so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Do you offer any guaranteed results for the Trade Signals?

There is no guarantees in trading, and past results are not indicative of future results. What we providing is an opportunity for traders to select from our best trading strategies with full disclosure on how the strategy has been performing. The decision to use the trade signals is at your own discretion and risk, so it is important that you ask all the questions you need to make an informed decisions.

Do I pay extra fees for the other Memberships if I own the Professional Membership?

As a Professional Member traders get access to all our flagship trade signal called Pip Hunter. This membership does not include any other membership, like the Starter or Starter Pro Membership. If you want to have any of the other membership, you would have to subscribe to them as its own membership. Also if you want additional membership with the Professional, once again a new subscription would have to be created which can be under the same login.

Do I pay for Online Support if need help getting setup?

We understand the importance of getting the trade signals setup correctly and making sure you understand the risk management settings you are applying to your account. With that being said there is a small cost to have access to an support expert. In the members area you will have access to a link where members will be able to schedule a time with a support expert.

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