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Professional Membership

Watch our introduction video about our Professional Membership. This is perfect for those traders with bigger accounts that want to to connect and make the returns we are making. 

Starting at Only $49

Membership Features

The reason why this membership helps our students


Connect your account to our trade ideas by registering on our trading platform.


Adjust your risk accordingly in the trading platform once you have your account connected.


Our trading service will implement open positions and close positions for you automatically.


All Trade Ideas

View our top performances of all our trades ideas we have to offer. Don’t forget to check out our flag ship product “Pip Hunter” that’s bringing up to 10-20% monthly returns.

You will get access to:

  • Access Trade Automation Platform 
  • Live Online Support
  • Live Friday Trade Showdown – Free Subscription to TradersNetworkClub YouTube Channel
  • Trade Showdown Trade Updates via Telegram
  • Email Support
  • Optional Paid Online Support (Connect with a Support Specialist)

Educational Lessons:

Get access to the videos to understand how the trade ideas work and how to setup your trading account with the right risk management settings.

Introduction – What can be expect with the Pip Hunter Trade Ideas
Lesson 1 – How to view and subscribe to a Trade Ideas Platform
Lesson 2 – How to connect your trading account
Lesson 3 – How to use our Risk Management Platform
Lesson 4 – Risk Management Guidelines



Eightcap launched in 2009. We were founded in Melbourne, Australia with a simple, clear mission: to provide exceptional financial services to our clients. This fundamental principle remains at the core of everything we do at Eightcap and is pivotal to our success.

  • Up to 100:1 Leverage Available for Pro Traders (Leverage dependent on Regulation)
  • Multilingual and 24/5 support
  • Available in Asia, Europe, LATAM, Canada, and Australia. Excludes USA 



Originally established as a Wealth Management Company in 2011, Scandinavian Capital Markets obtained registration with the Swedish FSA a year later, to strategically focus on the Forex market. The company was founded by Arif Ahmad and Michael Buchbinder.

  • Leverage options for TNC members up to 500:1
  • 10ms order execution time
  • 24/5 Multilingual Support
  • Deep liquidity on all pairs
  • Contact to see if country is accepted or in our registration form Excludes USA 

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