Welcome to the GTBO Directional Trade Replicator Membership

With the GTBO Directional Trade Replicator Membership you will be able to access following:

  • GTBO Directional Trade Copier Signal
  • Telegram Trade Signals
  • Live Forex Battle Ground Weekly Updates – Free Subscription to FxBigDog Trading Channel
  • Online Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Optional Paid Online Support (Connect with a Support Specialist)

Educational Lessons on How to get the Trade Copier ready!

Get access to the videos to understand how the trade copier works and how to setup your trading account with the right risk management settings.

Introduction – How to Register for a Trade Copier Account
Lesson 1 – How to add your Trading Account
Lesson 2 – How to review the details in the Trade Replicator
Lesson 3 – How to monitor your Trade Subscriptions
Lesson 4 – Understanding the Trading Strategy